Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TW Knotwork Bookmarks II (#2)

Edited to add: finish #2 for 2008.
A better picture of the bookmark I made for a friend:

Miserable extreme weather again today. I have the day off from the shop but I am home wearing my 'webmaster' hat today. We are revamping the site, taking our shopping cart offline so I have plenty to do but all I want to do is stitch. I need daytime light to work on CDC and even though the sky is a dark grey it's still daylight. My BFF (who is renewing her weddding vows in late February) just called and wants to play hookey (not hockey) this afternoon and go check out the wedding location. I know, I am not addressing the fact that the shopping cart database I have spent 10 years building is going into the garbage or the fact that my hubby and I are having serious problems or the fact that my BFF is getting re-married and I have no idea how to help or what to do for her... I talk about stitching. It's my escape isn't it? That's why we have hobbies, right? know...
I'll have a better WIP pic of Cirque soon and I was thinking about this dragonfly last night... wouldn't it be gorgeous as a petite point? Even better, a trio of petite points? Hmmm... me-thinks I have silk gauze in my stash... I'm going to go check!
Drive slow and have a nice day.

Monday, January 28, 2008

#1 Pictures FINALLY!

Edited to add: Finish #1!
Ok so it's been a rough year so far. I won't go into detail since things seem to be turning around which they always eventually do. It didn't kill me but I sure don't feel any stronger. If that expression was true my ass would be made of titanium by now. Anyways, on to stitching news!

Flosstitute by Glitter Gulch Needlework. Using NN 1471 Painted Desert. Started and finished in the first 2 weeks of January. Absolutely delighted with this one, the picture doesn't do it justice. I have stretched it myself (first time!) to save money on framing. It should be on the 'wall' within a month at this point! (oops, I just measured around the edges... it's an 1/8th of an inch higher on one side... back to the drawing board!?)

I 'found' that gorgeous NN thread... in friend's stash! She pulled it out to show me, to tempt me with it for my CDC but after a few quick calculations we realized there wouldn't be enough. She gave it to me anyways and I offered to use it to stitch her something and she knew right away what she wanted. TW Designworks Knotwork Bookmarks II (it has since been fringed into an actual bookmark, new pic coming soon)
Next but not last is my WIP pic for that nice pattern I showed you a few months ago, Dragonfly Happiness #1 is on it's way to being done. Quite nice, on 32ct Platinum linen.

And finally my long awaited and much anticipated Cirque des Cercles: I am working pretty hard at getting the colours to flow nicely and it is working, just slowly. It's not going to be one of my power stitches unless I get some serious daytime stitching time.

Lastly I'd like to take a second to thank my friend Dani who has awarded me a "You Make Me Smile" award. I think the rules of the award involve paying it forward by nominating 10 blogs I read that make me happy or inspire me or make me feel happy about blogland. Unfortunately, I only have time to read your blog these days Dani so I say to you: right back at ya!

I have also updated my right side navigation WIP links to go to my Webshots account so look there if you want to see better pics. I don't know what's up with Blogger but it has been months since the pictures I insert are clickable into full size images.

Now go stitch something.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I am picking up my laptop later this morning and should be able to post some pictures then. I have no idea how to download pictures off my camera card without the built in card reader so rather than digging out the cable I choose to wait. I have my first HD of the year to share so come back and see it!
Other than my happy stitching news I have nothing else nice to say. So far 2008 isn't going good but I am just too exhausted to rant about it.
Hope you are all well and have a great day... stitch something nice.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Am Ready!

After MONTHS of salivation over the CDC pattern and many disappointments that I just could not find what I was looking for in the fabric and fibres available to me at work the stars have aligned! I originally wanted to do it on Waterlily linen but after a quick fondle of the bolt at work I just couldn't bring myself to do it. What terrible fabric! I took a chance and asked them to order in some of the same colour but in an evenweave, Jobelan, hoping for a better quality and after a long wait it arrived yesterday. It's gorgeous! You know what? It's a crappy quality evenweave, so it actually has a linen-ish look to it! So, I have the best of both worlds in my fabric choice. I knew that finding an overdyed floss that would go with it was going to be a challenge so I opened myself up to possibilities and took the bolt to the wall and ya know what? I found something! It's not quite what I had planned but I am going to make it work. I was able to find silks (yes, silks!) in various shades of green and I should have more than enough here to complete CDC. I am sitting down this afternoon and planning it out, switching colours for different circles. I think right now the plan is to do the 3 circles that intersect in the middle in the variegated green/gold floss but I am VERY open to suggestion. Here's my floss toss on the waterlily. I am going to go make my working copies right now!

I have way more work to blog about (complete my goals pics and various WIP pics) but I am just to excited about starting CDC today. Come back for more tomorrow!