Monday, June 9, 2008

Red Thread - Part 3

I am glad to be able to say that things at work are finally settling into a nice routine. We all have our new schedules, I actually get more than one day in a row off now... last week I had a 5 day break and you know what that means... time for stitching! I have finished Red Thread Part 3 and am working on 4. The piece that I was working on for my Aunt and Uncle's Anniversary is finished and I wish I could show you, it's absolutely stunning. I have the frame ordered and we will either mail it or drive it to them next weekend so you'll get a picture then. I have also been asked to stitch something for the shop, as soon as I have all the supplies you'll get that picture too!

Red Thread - Fly A Kite

That's it for today folks, I have web work, yard work, and a post on the family blog to do today. Get outside and enjoy it while you can, yay summer is here!

PS. Love you too babe, always and forever ever.
Thanks for the cookie too :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Red Thread - Part 2

Not much time today friends, this is going to be brief! This weeks Bent Creek - Red Thread update.

February is called Love, and very soon I will be caught up to May.Red Thread - Love

I am also working on a project for my Aunt and Uncle's 30th Anniversary but it's a surprise so I can't show you until it's done. (Hint) I am finding it very satisfying to be doing special stitches for a while. It is designed by The Drawn Thread, I already have one of their patterns stitched and on the wall.

My personalized Gameboard Sampler by The Drawn Thread, stitched in 2005.The Drawn Thread - Gameboard Sampler

Soon I will have a chunk of days off in a row so hopefully after I get that front yard planted I will have more time with my needle and thread. Until then, I enjoy reading your comments and emails and watching my traffic feed and seeing visitors from all over the world passing through. I've just surpassed 2000 hits and am thrilled you like it. Come back soon!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Catch You Up

Since my last post there hasn't been much time for stitching because it's nice enough to be outside. I love gardening, hence my schooling in Horticulture and Entomology. We manage to grow some pretty incredible vegetables in our teeny back yard and I have a stunning perennial border under way, with many thanks to Spaz and Boo for the awesome raised beds they made for me last year for Mother's Day. This year the front yard is getting re-made too. We have large pine trees and no matter how hard I try grass seed just won't take. I have re-seeded that darn lawn every spring for 5 years, so, this year it gets sod. Sorry stitchers, I'll try to keep my garden blabbing to a minimum on this blog...

Mom, because I know you have limited internet access I'll say it here: thanks for coming home to visit us, we had a blast with you, as usual. We all love you so much! There are pictures and news on the family blog so head over there if you haven't been already, if you can. With all the excitement, I forgot to show you, Boo mailed me a cute hand-written letter from school... it says 'you are the best', like the poem spelled out in macaroni thing I made you in when I was in grade 2? Miss you already, keep your chin up and call anytime.

So, no stitchy pictures this week. I am a little behind on all my projects. Flower Power has gotten some attention, Red Thread is getting worked on this week and in an effort to be more helpful at work I am learning to crochet. It's not my thing at all, but having an understanding of different yarn weights and techniques should help a bit. I have knitted in the past (once), I made Boo a scarf for his Halloween costume. He was Harry Potter last year and it turned out pretty nice for my first knitting project. He was quite pleased with it anyways.

Boo in his Harry Potter scarfHappy stitching, have a great week! I'll try to post stitchy news and pics soon.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A New Start!

Yes, another new start... someone I work with showed me this one, geez she knows me well! It's a typical Bent Creek pattern, their catch is to include little tiny snaps as embellishment but I just don't like them. Pretty beads or fancy buttons enhance projects by giving them colour, character or sparkle... these snap things make we want them snapped to each other! Needless to say, I am not going to attach them! I did a 'floss toss' the other day after work, pulling the overdyeds and corresponding DMC numbers and most of the time I would see that going with overdyeds produces the best results but this time I just didn't see it. I will proceed with this project using DMC and stitching on 32ct Mushroom Lugana. Hubby saw me pull out blank fabric and said "Oh no, not a new one..." See, the verse states:

'An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet... it may stretch or tangle, but never breaks.'

That describes the history of our relationship perfectly. We've known each other our entire lives, literally grew up together. We started relationships and families independently of each other, until one day, one very happy day, fate brought us back together. That's all it took. One glance on one day. See? We have a Red Thread! Once hubby understood, I got the 'go ahead' nod and a small smile. He gets it and he gets me.

The Red Thread by Bent Creek

I will work this one doing a new square every two weeks. In between it's going to live at work, maybe you'll stop in and see it and be tempted to stitch it too :)

Have a sweet and special Mother's Day. Love you Mom! We'll call you Sunday and we really wish you were here! Come home soon, ok? 'No es television, es HBO'! Remember?

Mom 'n Me, Mexico 2000

Happy Mother's Day everyone, happy stitching!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yay #8!

I am happy to post finished project#8 of 2008! Long ago I finished 'Sun' and now I have 'Moon' too. The sun is for my sweetheart Boo, because everything in our home revolves around him and he is the light in our lives. The moon, for my amazing hubby, there's so much more to him than you can see, just like our moon. I am a very lucky girl and a sentimental sap!

Sun by M Designs (to be framed)

Moon by M Designs (to be framed)

I think they will fit nicely on the wall, nestled into that
empty space just below Mirablia's Christmas Elegance.

Lastly (what would one of my posts be without blabbing and pictures!) I wanted to again mention my boss... before we moved the shop she gave each of us a finished stitched picture from the shop walls to take home and one other thing I forgot to mention... an original, now vintage, really collectible wooden DMC Floss storage box! 3 weeks ago Boo and Spaz built me great wooden dividers for each drawer. Unlike the nasty plastic ones you get nowadays, these hand made ones stay in place perfectly and don't chop up your cuticles when you dig for floss! I have almost the entire DMC line and it fits perfectly into one box of 3 drawers (taking into account that half my floss is in project bags!). Now everyone at work wants dividers!

Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flower Power Update

On to stitchy news! I have picked up Flower Power again and have made some progress... I FINALLY FINISHED THOSE FOXGLOVES! Too many colour changes, they were making me NUTS. Well, they are done and I am on to Coneflowers. After those I will be at the 2/3 finished mark and from the middle all the way left will be complete. I have other blogs to post on so I'd best get going but check back here, I will do a much better job from now on of keeping you all in the stitchy loop.

Here's where I was at last time I worked on Flower Power, December '07

Now I am here, April 08. Not much progress but I will persist!

A close-up, hummingbirds all sparkly...

Traci L, if you are reading this, you were right! There is 032 Pearl Cord on the list and I have ordered some in. We could always share the spool, I'm nowhere near that part... yet :)

Have a great day everyone!

Just a Little Behind :)

It has been a while, but it's not unlike me to skip weeks here and there. With all the packing then the moving and the reopening at work, different shifts/schedules... spending every spare minute I have either with my sweethearts or catching up on sleep... I haven't had much time to think about techy blog stuff. A break is good now and then but this space is how I keep track of various projects so I'd best get on with it. On that note and seeing as how this blog is now read mostly by stitchers here is some news:

Originally this started as a 'gratitude' blog to open my mind to the everday joys I have in my life, then into a 'rant' blog to relieve stress from life's frustrations and eventually into a 'family' blog to share my sweetest memories of the two most important men in my life (hubby AKA Spaz and step-son AKA Boo), all those changes, within a year! Lastly, it has finally and forever evolved into a stitching blog. That's it. I will be starting a new blog for family news which will be for members by invitation only, so if you email me I will assign you a username and password along with the URL for that blog. One more small step for those who have access to it, peace of mind for me. Any posts on this blog relating to my family have now been transferred to there. Co-workers and shop customers and strangers won't have to read my personal stuff anymore! Phew eh? Yay! I feel better now!

Have a wonderful day!