Friday, March 7, 2008

A Very Thoughtful Boss and A Very Special Birthday

We have a really great team at work and have all been working pretty hard at making the best of our little shop. I won't elaborate and bore you but it's a joyful slice of my life working with these people, all top quality 'Good Folks', you know? Anyways, as a 'Thank-You' to her employees for the extra efforts we've made preparing for the move and all the extra work we are going to be doing actually moving we were given a choice of wall models in the shop to have for our very own! I've long been fond of a piece the Boss (I call her Boss, have since forever) stitched but it was a Santa thing. I loved the idea of having one of her works hanging in my home, however I have no desire to see Santa in July so I hmm'd and hmm'd until what did I spy? An angel... framed so beautifully... on my favourite fabric... I don't have any stitched angels... pinks and greens and very sweet indeed... here is the special piece, which now hangs in a nook just outside my bedroom door where I will appreciate and enjoy her everyday. This wall was just waiting for her. Thank-you so much Boss!
Angel of Grace by Lavender and Lace

A quick minute to wish a very Happy Birthday to my special, dearest, longtime (20 years!) friend, the world's greatest x... 50 has never looked so good! Hope you've had a fantastic day and keep an eye on that belt!Great boss, awesome co-workers, fantastic friends, loving family. Wow.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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tkdchick said...

What a great giftie!!!!