Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bonus Update

I've been working hard the past few weeknights to get in some stitches and relax (things at work are busy busy busy but no one has asked anything of me yet) and I finally finished that scissor handle loop so I thought I'd squeeze in a sneak peek. It will be finished in time for my next scheduled update... barring any unforeseen schedule changes!

I see many words in relation to needlearts. Can you find THREAD, STRANDED COTTON, COLOR KEY, FLOSS, FABRIC, SHADED, CLOTH and LUREX? On the right hand side of the right handle there are one or two words I can't figure out still...

** Edited to add: Blogger still isn't helping with the 'clickable' problem with images, I did NOT code it wrong you should be able to click it to see it bigger! Oh well... squint I guess? I can sorta make out the words but I know where they are!

** Edited to add: Thanks Dani! You were right and I am relieved to have figured it out. Glad it's not my code either...

** Edited to add: Changed the picture, I added the image of the actual scissors so you can see what this is patterned after. I'm guessing I shouldn't have rushed blogging this morning eh? What do you think Hubby? Pretty cool right?

If you are experiencing the same snow we have here get outside and build a snowman and have a wonderful day!


Chiloe said...

When you look at it fast, it looks like handcuffs !!! lol

tkdchick said...

Wow that looks awesome. Get in touch when you want to get together to stitch! I know you've got busy times ahead!

BTW I heard that when you center a picture using blogger it isn't clickable but if you pick left or right justified you're fine!