Saturday, March 29, 2008

Finished #7!

We are all quite pleased with this one, it was a quick simple project that didn't cost a penny! I stitched it and Hubby re-framed it and Sweetheart helped hang it. I just love their enthusiasm for my stitching stuff.

Heinzit - ABC Charms

Finished framing but not home yet is StitchInspiration's - Sister's Choice (it will hopefully have a space to hang in our new shop, as there aren't any blackwork samples). I'm very pleased with having chosen the 'suede' mat but in the photo you can't appreciate how beautiful it really since it's behind glass and the photo has a bit of glare... so eventually along with the Heinzit ABC it will hang in our bathroom.

StitchInspiration - Sister's Choice

This week has been hectic to say the least but we have been granted two more days off before we can start unpacking (construction delays) so yesterday I spent some quiet time stitching. Coming soon, finish #8! Here's a peek at M Designs - Moon Needleroll, a companion to Sun, both which I will frame instead.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, enjoy the gorgeous springtime weather!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bloomin' For Gran

Sorry blogland, I've been too busy to post! Working, packing and moving - long days, I'm dirty and tired but pleased with what we have accomplished. We have a great team, with all of us pitching in it got done! The new shop is coming along very nicely too, we are all excited to see it finished (and see if our stuff fits). I have finished a personal stitchy project or two but I'll save that for when I am caught up on emails... a hot bath and a good solid night of sleep will help too. It's been a LONG week!
Now that you have been brought up to speed I will leave you with a photo that I took a few days ago. Schlumbergera truncata, my grandmother's 'Christmas' Cactus which was a stumpy, half-dead mess I rescued from her apartment 4 years ago. It decided to bloom for the first time just as I have been longing to get into the garden again, to brighten our lives. It's gorgeous and cheerful and kind of flashy and full of blooms. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Flashback to Gardening

Here is our garden last May, ready to plant...

I'm sure you remember we had tomatoes in August... 8 feet tall!

Now we have snow! Will I ever see the soil again?

What happened to all those beautiful perennials I grew from seed? Are the heirloom Poppies ok? I can't remember what we decided to do about the vegetable garden space this summer... something about only 2 tomato plants? No green beans? Double Sugar Snap peas in rows? Sheesh I should have written it all down! I can't wait to be outdoors again.

After the blizzard that was last week, Spaz and I brushed off our cars and sat in the snow bank on our front lawn with our faces turned to the sun and waited for the plows to finish our parking lot. It was glorious and we laughed ourselves silly when we couldn't get out of the drift. Those moments sitting there in the snowbank with him and that sunshine... delightful, wonderful and completely enjoyable...

Here's my progress this week on Heinzit's ABC Sampler...

At work yesterday I met a lovely lady who is a member of the Snowbird SAL, Lynn, it was great to connect a name with a face and I look forward to stitching with you too! Your CDC is gorgeous, thank you for sharing it.

Have a wonderful day. Try and do something nice for someone else... the world needs more nice!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Without Further Ado... #6!

Edited to add: finish #6 of 2008

Stitching Scissors by Dessins DHC

With a little help I have identified all the words (which are in English, not french as stated on the DHC website).

I have decided to remake a project I have had hanging upstairs. It was stitched for a bathroom in a colour scheme we no longer have, so it seems to me that if it is re-stitched with the floss leftover from Sister's Choice I could hang them together in the bathroom we have now. Taking it down also gave me the space I needed to hang my lovely gift 'Angel of Grace' so in the end it will all worked out beautifully. Two new pieces of art for our bathroom at almost no cost and a hallway I am very happy with. In order for you to follow along with my progress... here's the old one...

Now watch for the new one!
Have a wonderful day...

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Very Thoughtful Boss and A Very Special Birthday

We have a really great team at work and have all been working pretty hard at making the best of our little shop. I won't elaborate and bore you but it's a joyful slice of my life working with these people, all top quality 'Good Folks', you know? Anyways, as a 'Thank-You' to her employees for the extra efforts we've made preparing for the move and all the extra work we are going to be doing actually moving we were given a choice of wall models in the shop to have for our very own! I've long been fond of a piece the Boss (I call her Boss, have since forever) stitched but it was a Santa thing. I loved the idea of having one of her works hanging in my home, however I have no desire to see Santa in July so I hmm'd and hmm'd until what did I spy? An angel... framed so beautifully... on my favourite fabric... I don't have any stitched angels... pinks and greens and very sweet indeed... here is the special piece, which now hangs in a nook just outside my bedroom door where I will appreciate and enjoy her everyday. This wall was just waiting for her. Thank-you so much Boss!
Angel of Grace by Lavender and Lace

A quick minute to wish a very Happy Birthday to my special, dearest, longtime (20 years!) friend, the world's greatest x... 50 has never looked so good! Hope you've had a fantastic day and keep an eye on that belt!Great boss, awesome co-workers, fantastic friends, loving family. Wow.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bonus Update

I've been working hard the past few weeknights to get in some stitches and relax (things at work are busy busy busy but no one has asked anything of me yet) and I finally finished that scissor handle loop so I thought I'd squeeze in a sneak peek. It will be finished in time for my next scheduled update... barring any unforeseen schedule changes!

I see many words in relation to needlearts. Can you find THREAD, STRANDED COTTON, COLOR KEY, FLOSS, FABRIC, SHADED, CLOTH and LUREX? On the right hand side of the right handle there are one or two words I can't figure out still...

** Edited to add: Blogger still isn't helping with the 'clickable' problem with images, I did NOT code it wrong you should be able to click it to see it bigger! Oh well... squint I guess? I can sorta make out the words but I know where they are!

** Edited to add: Thanks Dani! You were right and I am relieved to have figured it out. Glad it's not my code either...

** Edited to add: Changed the picture, I added the image of the actual scissors so you can see what this is patterned after. I'm guessing I shouldn't have rushed blogging this morning eh? What do you think Hubby? Pretty cool right?

If you are experiencing the same snow we have here get outside and build a snowman and have a wonderful day!