Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oh So Tired

Sorry again Blog, I have been busy and quite sick. Turns out I had the FLU. Not a sinus infection as I was told by the doctor. So those antibiotics didn't help because I had the flu. I still have the flu. It's nasty. Run. HIDE.

I have lots of stitching to blog about but I've just gotten off working 3 days straight and I have blisters to tend to so if you don't mind I will catch you up soon. It will probably be a good idea to wait until I have opened my presents before I tell you my stitching update. I've been having major S.E.X (I hope I've used that acronym right!) at work lately and it's all packed away until Christmas morning. :P

1 comment:

tkdchick said...

Yup you've used the term right. Can't wait to hear about the S.E.X you've had!

Hope you're feeling up to a stitching day sometime in the new year!