Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I am BEYOND crazy

I find it almost impossible to just sit. I have to stitch and I need it to be something that I am passionate about. When I am not stitching I have to be thinking about stitching, about watching something gorgeous come alive to keep me motivated to stitch. That's why I have had my most successful year of finishes. So this isn't to say that Peacock Tapestry isn't going to get done, I am sure it will. It just didn't feel right, struggling to get everything organized, the fabric disaster, the debate over replacing the fabric, working with highlighters instead of stitching was frustrating... it just didn't feel right. I NEED to stitch to stay relaxed (I am a bit intense lol) and I was spending far too much time getting it going. So back into the UFO folder she went. For now.

I survived my first real day working at my LNS. Then I went crazy. While tidying the shop I spotted Celtic Banner hanging on a peg. One copy. Then a former employee came in talking about how MOST Mirabilia's have been discontinued (which freaked me out and ended up being a mis-understanding). I got to thinking about how I have always wanted to do Celtic Banner and how frustrated I would feel if it was discontinued. Another staff member said "Oh we could stitch it together! I have my own copy!". So at the end of my shift, I snatched it off the wall and bought it. I also bought the fabric strip. Then I came home and started it. That's how things that are destined to get made work. No hassles, they just start.
To my friend Dani, I so admire your patience to have finished Peacock Tapestry. I will get it done one day and when I do I will implement your needle minder strategy. Did you know that if you Google Celtic Banner, eventually your site comes up!? It's just too wierd, we have the same taste in stitching! I can't wait to see you on Sunday!
To my wonderful hubby, I am sorry I spent more money this close to Christmas on stash. Just so you know, I am still planning on getting Cirque des Cercles but you will probably be able to wrap it and put it under the tree. Apparently now that I am 'staff' the copy that I understood was mine is now available to the general public on Sunday :(

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tkdchick said...

You're right Peacock tapestry is a lot of work! A lot of organization.

You will enjoy Celtic Banner, it was such a joy to stitch!

Hmmm you want CDC that badly. Well if its available to the general public tomorrow... I'm general public right ;-)