Monday, November 26, 2007


I have decided to go ahead with my UFO, Peacock Tapestry. I really do love this piece but the burgundy border turns me right off so since I have finished the actual tan/gold border and very little of the burgundy part I will hold off making decisions about it until the inside is done. That being said, I am worried that I won't be able to rip out the border if the inside is done... I would replace the border with a mat anyways so I am sure whatever happens to that fabric would be sufficiently covered. Here's what I've got so far, one BIG mess. I picked this up as a kit many years ago, before I became a 'serious' stitcher and I guess I have grown up since then. Today I would never leave my supplies in this condition! I have no idea yet how I am going to manage this mess but I will figure it out. I am thinking Floss-Away Bags (aka Ziploc Sandwich baggies with holes!)? Anyways, in the interest of keeping track of my progress here's a picture of where I am at today:
I have my working copy made, my highlighters handy and as soon as I get back from the grocery store with ziplock baggies I am starting, thank GOD I have Mondays off! Dani, I might need your help figuring out what that bundle is... it's not labeled!
Wish me luck and have a great day :)

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tkdchick said...

Hmmm that bundle 3041 or 3042 is the purple and 3045 or 676 for the gold.

BTW when I sorted my kit I threw out the blending fillament and the 102c cord and bought fresh new spools. I couldn't be bothered to sort it, untangle it and deal with all the kinks!

Its just plain kinky!