Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yup, I'm completely crazy

Today I start my new job. I am incredibly nervous though I probably shouldn't be. I've known some of these women for 10 years! Anyhoo, I need to hurry so I am not late for my first day, it's snowing and I want to allow for extra driving time.
Yesterday was the WORST stitching day! I did get over to Michael's to see if they had Floss-Away bags and they did not. They have a pitiful needlearts department, which is probably a good thing for my LNS but not so good for me. Maybe I'll find some today. Anyways, I started stitching. I figured I'd sort my messy threads as I go, that way I'll actually get some stitching done instead of spending the day sorting. I marked my chart for the colour I was going to do, did it, marked the chart for the second colour and started that one. Halfway across I saw a mistake on the first colour. Finding a mistake early in a project is no big deal, better to have found it and rip now than later right? Then I got a brilliant idea. I would grid my fabric. Only I did it in pencil. Right on the fabric. It was then that I realized the top pencil line was completely exposed, there would be no stitching covering it eventually. ARRGGHH!! I know BETTER than to make such a stupid mistake! So I decided to rip the border and shift the entire piece up about 20 threads. Ripping and ripping, even in my dark livingroom I could see the hint of pink left on the fabric after ripping out burgundy thread. Guess what? Now I need new fabric too. Fabric and Floss-Away bags. Sigh... I'm never going to bring home a paycheque if I spend it all at work.
No picture today I am in a hurry. Wish me luck!


Spaz Master said...

You are going to do great today Babe.
To bad about all the time you spent on your project yesterday only to realize you need a piece of fabric.


tkdchick said...

How frustrating! Of course the best thing to do is put it away until you're ready to look at it fresh!