Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TW Knotwork Bookmarks II (#2)

Edited to add: finish #2 for 2008.
A better picture of the bookmark I made for a friend:

Miserable extreme weather again today. I have the day off from the shop but I am home wearing my 'webmaster' hat today. We are revamping the site, taking our shopping cart offline so I have plenty to do but all I want to do is stitch. I need daytime light to work on CDC and even though the sky is a dark grey it's still daylight. My BFF (who is renewing her weddding vows in late February) just called and wants to play hookey (not hockey) this afternoon and go check out the wedding location. I know, I am not addressing the fact that the shopping cart database I have spent 10 years building is going into the garbage or the fact that my hubby and I are having serious problems or the fact that my BFF is getting re-married and I have no idea how to help or what to do for her... I talk about stitching. It's my escape isn't it? That's why we have hobbies, right? know...
I'll have a better WIP pic of Cirque soon and I was thinking about this dragonfly last night... wouldn't it be gorgeous as a petite point? Even better, a trio of petite points? Hmmm... me-thinks I have silk gauze in my stash... I'm going to go check!
Drive slow and have a nice day.

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tkdchick said...

Sorry life is all jumbled up for you right now!

The bookmark is beautiful!