Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Dancing #3 for 2008

I finished my Dragonfly Happiness #1. As usual, pictures don't do this stuff justice...


I was 'enabled' at work a couple or weeks ago by a co-worker (evil girl!)... she knows I have a soft spot for blackwork (not traditional blackwork but backstitching blackwork lol) and pulled a pattern I have seen a dozen times off the shelf. Then she threw down the floss with a flourish all the while knowing full well I had never really looked closely at what the designer called for. Imagine 3 different skeins of DMC Variations used! She knew I would love it. A quick walk to the fabric wall and I spotted the Ice Blue 28ct Lugana, just waiting to be cut. This ought to keep me occupied until I start Dragonfly #2, dontcha think?

Sisters Choice by Stitchin'Spiration.

Anyways, enough stitching news for now. I'm off to clean house and then myself before I start anything else. I am at the end of a LONG 3 weeks of work, work and more work and I can't wait for the run to be over even though I know for a fact it's not over by a long shot. We are moving the shop to a new location pretty soon and the overtime is going to be rough. Do you hear the words "Moving Sale"?!? To top it all off my BFF and her hubby are renewing their wedding vows next weekend (I was asked to work and I said absolutely not no way no how!) and I haven't had time or the energy to even help with the event. I feel terrible and hope she knows? Hun? You there reading this? I am sorry and can't wait to see you!

Have a great weekend everyone. Keep that Valentine's Day spirit alive a few days more please ;)


tkdchick said...

Wahootie! Congrats! Looks beautiful.

I'd be tempted to see that blackwork piece.

Oh yeah can I borrow flosstitute?

Kathryn said...

I came here via tkdchick to see your HD and I am glad I did. That is some beautiful stitching!

stitching aussie style said...

Your Dragon Fly is simply devine! and your new challenge looks delightful. So glad that tkdchick suggested we come and have a look.

tkdchick said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! I've tagged you, so see my blog!

Thanks for coming over yesterday even if it was for a short while! And a huge thanks for dirving Christin home! I don't have her out as often anymore becuase it turns into a lot of time on the road for me!