Monday, February 4, 2008

WIP Update

I think these update pics are going to be a weekly thing, I just don't have the energy to post every day. Stressed. If only I could sit and stitch all day like I did today (Mondays being my day off).

I am trying to speed up the work on this, hopefully I'll get to a point where I could join Dani's Snowbird SAL. I am really appreciating the way the colours flow, if only I was sure I wouldn't run out of these variegated silks!
I am also making good progress on my Dragonfly #1, even though I did take a break from stitching it on this nice Platinum fabric to do a test spot on 3-thread silk gauze. I need to do a bit more testing before I can be sure it would work but I remain optimistic. I'll show you that picture next week.

PS - Only 3 nights until another episode of LOST!

1 comment:

tkdchick said...

Manon, CDC is looking just awesome! So shall I meet you at the shop at 5:30 on thrusday?