Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yay #8!

I am happy to post finished project#8 of 2008! Long ago I finished 'Sun' and now I have 'Moon' too. The sun is for my sweetheart Boo, because everything in our home revolves around him and he is the light in our lives. The moon, for my amazing hubby, there's so much more to him than you can see, just like our moon. I am a very lucky girl and a sentimental sap!

Sun by M Designs (to be framed)

Moon by M Designs (to be framed)

I think they will fit nicely on the wall, nestled into that
empty space just below Mirablia's Christmas Elegance.

Lastly (what would one of my posts be without blabbing and pictures!) I wanted to again mention my boss... before we moved the shop she gave each of us a finished stitched picture from the shop walls to take home and one other thing I forgot to mention... an original, now vintage, really collectible wooden DMC Floss storage box! 3 weeks ago Boo and Spaz built me great wooden dividers for each drawer. Unlike the nasty plastic ones you get nowadays, these hand made ones stay in place perfectly and don't chop up your cuticles when you dig for floss! I have almost the entire DMC line and it fits perfectly into one box of 3 drawers (taking into account that half my floss is in project bags!). Now everyone at work wants dividers!

Happy Stitching,

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tkdchick said...

Congrats on another finish! Sniffle I want a floss cabinet!!!